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Full Stack Javascript Developer

Job Details:

- Experience in the following technologies: \n1/ A broad knowledge the Javascript ecosystem (Vanilla, React, Angular)\n2/ Experience with Multi-Threading and memory management \n3/ Experience with caching mechanisms \n4/ Has good understanding of creating & consuming Restful web services\n5/ iOS & Android experience a plus\n- Experienced in building and leading engineering teams\n- Cares a lot about good UX design \n- Experienced in building and managing product backlogs \n- Don't skimp on unit, Integration & Automated tests \n- Are comfy with git, git-flow\semantic versioning and github \n- Work well with executives \n- An understanding of the need for encapsulated UI code. \n- Disciplined approach to writing tests and quality assurance \n- Understanding of core CS concepts such as: common data structures and algorithms, profiling/optimization

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Sal:900 ~ 1300

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Karthik Bhat
Founder @ Dataphi Labs

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