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5 mins daily. And we ensure you move FWD in life and career.

Our unique interactive card-based format, bite-sized lessons and wide range of courses that span life skills like Communication, Leadership, Decision makingProduct Management, Marketing, Sales, Startups and more – means you’re sure to find something that will help you take the next step forward.

A better way to learn, and teach.

FWD’s unique design and pedagogical philosophy.

Online education is broken. 

In 2021, we believe that there has to be a better way to learn professional skills than watching overpriced, hour long videos that seek to cram information into your head in one go. 

And a better way for industry experts to convey their wisdom.

Which is why we set out to build the FWD platform.

Interactive, card-based format

Backed by research into the advantages of learning in bite-sized lessons, short courses and daily learning.

Habits are key to success

By spending a few minutes on FWD everyday, you make progress and learn swiping through just a few cards. 

Quizzes & Polls

Interactive elements ensure you’re challenged and focused while you learn.

Learn at your own pace, and even on the go.

Life and work can get complicated. And we respect your time. 

Short and to-the-point videos

Short clips with experts and curated wisdom help elevate your understanding. 

Master the skills you need to move FWD in your career

We have a wide range of
mobile-friendly, self-paced courses.

From Management and Sales to fast growing areas such as Product Management and Digital Marketing that are taking the corporate and startup world by storm.

Whether you’re seeking to enter the world of Product Management, master the dark arts of Growth Hacking, or a founder looking to understand Product Market Fit, FWD will help you with up-to-date courses designed by industry-experts.

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Short, self-paced courses

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Interactive and engaging content

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Stay on-track with reminders

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All the skills you will ever need

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“Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Albert Einstein

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