Agile Product Management

Agile Product Management

Agile Product Management (APM) is a revolutionary concept that changed the product development landscape.

This course gives you an in-depth view on how you could adapt Agile to make your product development process more efficient and robust.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

– Explain the concept of the product life cycle (PLC).
– Align the PLC to Agile product management.
– Discuss the Waterfall model.
– Discuss the rationale behind the Agile movement.
– Identify the mindset required to become an Agile PM.
– Examine the role of an Agile PM.
– Differentiate between the Agile PM vs Product Owner roles.
– Summarise the skills and strategies vis-a-vis a set of core tasks that Agile PMs undertake
– feature prioritization, road-mapping, and release management.
– Explain current-day Agile concepts and methodologies used by PMs in modern-day enterprises.
– Describe vocabulary and tips for success as an Agile PM.
– Discuss tips about not conflating PM vs Project Management.

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