Guide To The Product Management Role (Course)

Introduction to Product Management

Product Management plays a key role in a tech-driven business. In this course, we bring you the core of Product Management, rather the thinking process applicable to everybody who is involved in the product team.

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

– Describe the need for a Product Manager’s role.
– Identify the skills of a Product Manager.
– Discuss the attributes required to be a great Product Manager.
– Describe the requirements to transition from any role into a Product Management role.
– Identify the different types of PMs and the required skill set for each.
– Identify the need for hierarchy in Product Management.
– Explain differences between PMs in terms of responsibilities and skills.
– Define the expectation from a PM at any level.
– Take steps to advance in your Product Management career.

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Course Authors & Contributors:

Course Modules

  • Why Do We Need A Product Management Function?
  • Attributes of a 10x Product Manager
  • Transition to Product Management
  • We, the PMs!
  • We too, the PMs!
  • One Product, Many Managers
  • Breaking Into Product Management
  • Next in Line?
  • Assuming the Senior Role
  • To Leadership & Beyond