ESOPs for Employees

ESOPs are a seemingly awesome feature of working with startups and cashing out for hardworking employees. However, there are many aspects to ESOP that employees should be aware of.

This course will take you through everything you need to know to evaluate, accept, and capitalize on ESOPs.

ESOPs for Employees
ESOPs for Employees​

Course Objectives


Describe how ESOPs work.


Identify the documents involved in an ESOP agreement.


Evaluate ESOP options and negotiate better with your employer.


Course Modules

Introduction to ESOPs

Explain ESOPs and their value for employee.

ESOP Jargon

Get familiar with the ESOP jargon.


Understand the relation between ESOP and taxation


Address some commonly asked questions about ESOPs.

Course Summary

A brief of all that you've learned!


Assess those newly learned skills!

Course Instructors

Navin Kumar

Founder, eLagaan

Amod Malviya

Co-founder & Engineer,

Mekin Maheshwari


Ritesh Bangalani

Partner, Stellaris Venture Partners

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