What if you could learn product and growth marketing skills (and more) from industry practitioners
for almost free!

Learning a skill should be an option (not a wish)

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in learning a skill (that too, the old way – sitting in front of a laptop..watching 1 hr boring video).
The last innovation in the professional skilling industry happened more than 10 years back. The world has changed (hint: smartphones) but the learning industry continues to operate like it is 2010.
We need to move the world FWD.

Meet FWD

FWD brings product driven approach to professional learning. We enable you to learn the hottest skills like product management, growth marketing, copywriting – for almost free !

And that too, from the best in the industry. The real practitioners whom you have always looked up to.

Unlock New Opportunities

Planning for a job change? Yearning for a promotion? Need to ask your boss for a salary hike?

One solution to all these problems! Upskill!

With FWD learning, you can upskill without shelling out a fortune.

Mobile first approach

Let’s be honest. You are used to a beautful Instagram / Twitter / WhatsApp experience and learning is the only industry which has so far, refused to upgrade.
FWD brings you the familiar app experience with our bite-sized course – no fluff, just actionable !


Great things take time. We are launching to the first 1000 users in the month of Oct.

For Product Management and Growth Marketing Fellas

Learn From The Real Doers

Most courses are taught by junior fellas or those who aren't a real practitioner.
Not on FWD. We bring you industry practitioners and practical case studies.

Designed To Delight

Snappy, personalized and straightforward experience that is sure to keep you hooked.

Do NOT burn a hole in your pocket

The impact of Covid-19 is far reaching. You need a platform that helps you not just acquire new professional skills, but also is affordable. And connects you to mentors and enables you to build a peer network.

AI-Based Personalization

We know everyone's different. Hence our AI-based system ensures you never feel out of your depth.

Invite Only

We are open for first 1000 users.

» PS: We are hiring !

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