The Future of Learning has Arrived

You can now learn any industry-ready skill from the best.

Without burning a hole in your pocket. 


Launching on August 15th


Learning an industry-ready skill should be an option (not just a wish)

You don’t need to spend a lot of money in learning a skill (that too, the old way – sitting in front of a laptop..watching 1 hr boring video).

The last innovation in the professional skilling industry happened more than 10 years back. The world has changed (hint: smartphones) but the learning industry continues to operate like it is 2010.

We need to move the world FWD.

Meet FWD

FWD brings product driven approach to professional learning. We enable you to learn the hottest skills like product management, growth marketing, copywriting – for almost free !

And that too, from the best in the industry. The real practitioners whom you have always looked up to.

Get an unfair advantage

Learning new skills is the easiest option to create unfair advantage for yourself.

FWD enables you to.

Mobile first

We use laptops for work and everything else happens on mobile. The learning industry is still living in 2010.

We aim to give you immersive mobile-first experience bringing you the best of learning and relatable experience of Instagram, Twitter.

Launch Courses

Learn Product and Growth Skills

FWD is aimed at enabling anyone, whether a founder, growth marketer, or a product manager to upskill.

FWD: Launch Courses

Finding Product-Market Fit

Ideal for founders and product leaders.

Building customer centric Products

For Founders and Product Leaders


For Marketers and Founders

Product Marketing

For product marketers and managers

Product Management

Learn how to scale into product management career

Content Marketing​

For marketers, product leaders and founders.

fall in love with ..Learning

Learn From The Real Doers

Industry practitioners. The battle-hardened soldiers. Get mentored by them. No fake babas, consultants.

Designed To Delight

Snappy, personalized and straightforward experience that is sure to keep you hooked.

Do NOT burn a hole in your pocket

The impact of Covid-19 is far reaching. You need a platform that helps you not just acquire new professional skills, but also is affordable.

It's all about Community

Meet your peers. Get mentored by industry practitioners. Move FWD in life.

Apply for invite

We have opened FWD for early birds.

Ashish Sinha


Earlier: NextBigWhat, Yahoo. IBM



Earlier: One Championship, Hike


Instructional Design

Ex- Sapient, Accenture, NIIT.



Illustration dude.

We are Hiring

FWD is a global team across different time zones. We hiring for engineering, marketing and course content roles.